Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Knit in for Timor

A local Blue Mountains group does ongoing fundraising to support programs in East Timor for women and children. The next event is a knit-in to make jumpers or blanket squares.

Why knit for a tropical country?? Hato Bulico, the region that the Blue Mountais has formed a relationship with, is high in the mountains at around 2,400m. And so like us, they get cold!

What if you can't knit? You can donate wool to Blue Mountains libraries or Council offices. Or you can send it to me and I will take it along to the knit-in. Yarn must be at least 8 ply, and at least 60% wool.

When? Saturday 30th July 11am-3pm
Where? Carrington Hotel Ballroom, Katoomba (the big old glamorous white hotel on the main street right near the train station)

Bring your own needles and wool. Bring some money for a pot of tea or a glass of bubbly. It should be a great afternoon!