Saturday, October 20, 2007

Post modern

This was a collaborative art project done in a pub over beer - aint that the best kind - with a persom in mind. When Aunty B upped sticks or downed tools or whatever the phrase is, and moved herself over the seas to live in Europe for a while, we made 'goodbye postcards' at her farewell, and have been sending them, one a week, ever since (like a farewell card in installments). I can only imagine that their fridge is now well and truly bursting with the drunken ramblings of a room full of postcard makers.
Thought others might be interested in the model - could be used for other occasions too - a baby shower (write a tip on the front of each postcard and send a card each week for teh first few months of new mother/fatherhood), new job (post them to the person who's left, things you'll miss about them) or someone sick and off work for a while needing cheering. You can buy packs of blank postcards at art shops, on nice watercolour paper, suitable for painting, drawing and pasting (mmm, pasting) and they already have the square for the stamp etc on the back. Of course you could just take a pack on your next holiday and do them solo, sketches at cafes on the Left Bank, or botanical drawings from restbreaks on your trek sent to desperately envious folks back home too, I think that's what they're designed for.

Monster mash

I found instructions on the interweb for making an ipod monster cover and sent them on to a friend at work who sent them on to her teenage daughter.. who made one! Cool huh? She gave me the OK to post them here. Thanks and well done crafty gal.