Saturday, May 19, 2007

Abstract expressionism for infants

Entitled "Happy Mother's Day (Hiroshima Mon Amor)".

Artist: E-chan, 5th May, 2007 (aged 11 months)*
Acrylic on 5"x7" canvas; artist was aided in his choice of colours by an assistant.

*I promise we will not be bombarding this site with any more of his creations, but I thought this one was quite good!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

fabric paintings

.. always sound very twee and crap, but I have had fun in recent past with painting with fabric paint and drawing with fabric pens on bits of old sheet and other frabric scraps. It gives a nice texture. Here are some on up my wall. Fabric paint has lots of solvents in it though, so you might want to do it near a nice open window. The tidy lines are done with fabric pens, which come with all sorts of nibs - including wider, calligraphy brush style, and shjort stumpy felt tip style. I have used diluted fabric paint (read - my brush washing water) to give some messy texture to the background and help with shading. Photocopies of pictures on fabric seem to work well too, because the texture gets amplified and it becomes quite grainy.

Monday, May 07, 2007

cheeky little monsters

So the first textile creations to come out as inspired by the stencil art course I did a few weeks ago at PineStreet Creative Arts (Sydney) were a series of monsters singlets and tshirts for bubbas. Some I have already given and others are waiting for special birthdays which are up and coming. I am very inspired to finish the range at least, because there is a wavy armed tree man, few more ghosties, and a spotty dinasaur dragon thing that need to come off the page and be printed at least once, and a few more colour themes to be explored. I enjoyed the aqua / purple / mauve type shades, and doing sets of three with different colours in the same theme. Standard fabric paint and hand made stencils from hand drawn images.