Saturday, August 14, 2010

Activism and Rock n' Roll Craft

Today I had a craft afternoon with my Dad. It's the Walk Against Warming tomorrow, so I did low-cost home-made stencils on some old pillow cases that were torn on one side and in the rag bag. the Stencils are drawn by hand and the spray paint was called "fiddly bits" from Bunnings ($3.50). They didn't even challenge me for my ID - here in South Australia you can only buy spray paints if you are over 18.

Dad did some work on a Boss SD-1 Distortion pedal for his electric guitar. He was replacing transistors, subsituting a switch and re-wiring part ofthe cicuit. This modified the sound to "give it more depth and stop the bleed through of sounds when the pedal is in the off position".

Here's some pics. Stencil cutting:
Ready to spray