Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ugly doll for Xmas

Finished doll with the pattern.
Before Christmas I hand-sewed an Ugly Doll for my nephew, who was about 8 months old. The felt is pretty cheap to buy at Spotlight - something like $7 per m. I think I just got some half-metres, and also some small packets of black and white that have adhesive backing for the eyes
Cut out with the bits placed on - sewed them first, then turned him inside out to sew up the outside. Stuffing was through the head.

With his face and pouch on (he's a marsupial monster). The pouch is not centred - a mistake - but hey the kid can't talk to criticise.
Even with the stick-on felt. I still stitched around the eyes and mouth though, because infants tend to chew on everything.  Stuffed with cushion stuffing.

Finished little dude.
Design tips - don't make so much of a 'neck' as it a place where the stuffing will shift around and the doll will fold.  The body was a bit too tubular which made stuffing the feet a bit tricky. He's meant to look goofy not scary - I think it worked!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Sparkles of colour

We were lucky enough to go to Barcelona late last year and feasted our eyes on Gaudi buildings around the city. I thought it would be all kitsch mosaic and kookiness, but was completely unprepared for how gobsmackingly beautiful, intelligent, and gentle his designs were. Such amazing organic shapes! And the Cathedral - I was literally speechless and had tears as I stood inside and looked up. Such grand beauty, such an abundance of detail - bold, majestic and humble too. beautiful from a distance and beautiful up close. Wowser. Here are some close ups of mosaic to inspire if you can't be there today to see them in the flesh!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015