Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ugly Dolls

Now I didn't make this.... but I'm going to and that's what matters! It's become very fashionable in lesbo-land to make ugly dolls for the kiddlywinks. Perhaps a reaction to those trollopy Bratz whores? But instead of using commercially purchased felt which is horrid, gals and guys are going to their local op-shop, buying something made of pure wool and putting it on the hot wash to make quality recycled wool felt and then adding their own bits and pieces. Fabbo! Click on the pic for the website of the dude that's selling them, and go to the shop to see the full range for ideas. I know that we'll be banning crappy battery powered toys made in China for our kid, but will be heartily encouraging anything along these lines.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

flat-pack christmas tree

This was a household effort, so I can't take all the credit (if any is due!!). Perfect for those with limited storage space, hanging decorations but nowhere to hang them, and no kids who pester you for the "real thing".

Took some cardboard from our moving boxes, and drew a template that was as symmetrical as possible (we used rulers). We drew 6 "limbs" which started out as triangles of increasing size as you go down the tree, but with little up-tilts at the end of the branches to hang things on. Cut it out with a stanley knife and used it as a template for another one. Drew a line from the tip down the centre, and made an incision up from the exact middle on one, and down from the exact middle on the other. Painted it with green acrylic paint. Assemble simply by slotting one onto the other at right angles, and voila! A christmas tree that will store flat for next year when the 12 days of christmas are over! Why would you ever want a a real one?!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

creative set just off the jet

Ok, I shall be the first to upload my thoughts to this blog - jetlag and all!

Here is a picture of a album cover I created for my gorgeous niece. I basically bought a standard album from el cheapo shoppe and bought some shaggyish redish fletish type fabric and then added a design on top. I was trying to go for a gothic type theme - well actually, that's not what my original idea was, it sought of just shaped itself. The C is for Cara, my niece's name, and it is made from layers of cardboard fromc ereal packets (Cheerios to be exact!) which I spray painted gold. Same for the border.

I also decorated the space around the C with swirly/floral motifs and what-nots. I had originally hoped to do these decorations in relief - that is cut the shapes from a piece of carboard and then add this as another layer t create depth and texture. However, after seeing how intricate the decoration was I decided that, in the absence of a precision computer guided laser cutter that it would be nigh on excruciating to do the decorations in relief. So instead, I photocopied the patter onto an overhead transperency and coloured the shapes in black and then layered the transperency over a purple coloured carboard. So there was still some sense of depth.

I added some additional detailing at the corners of the cover - which are basically floral motifs cut out of lace and spray painted gold.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

ooh a craft blog..

OK so a few people seem keen to get involved in this one, just have to finish sending the invite emails around and you can all jump right in and get your projects / questions / links on here.