Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sew what?

Well bags and skirts for one thing. Fiona Warmbath has workshops coming up in the second half of the year and I can vouch that she is a patient and skilled teacher. Check her website and click through to 'workshops'.

Inner Westie Winter Warming Workshops

I think I've mentioned this women and the groovy classes/ 'playshop' sessions she runs, in my neighbourhood. Thought some of you might be interested.

Creative Flame
What do you love doing? What ignites your spirit?
How might you be light-arted?!
Spend a couple of mornings in a cosy, safe space
playing with art materials and journalling.
Create pictures to help sustain you
through the heart of winter and beyond.
Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July
10am to 1pm in Glebe
$160 inc materials
earlybird $145
for full payment by close of business tomorrow - Wednesday 23rd June


a one-off session to help kindle or rekindle your writing -
supporting your creativity to flow and flower
For beginners or experienced Art and Soulies
Wednesday 21st July
10am to 1pm in Glebe

and.....bookings are open for Art and Soul Term 3:
Vitamin P
P is for Play, Pleasure, Peace, Presence, Paint, Pastels, Paper and more!
Can you allow yourself to simply Be?
and then express your Being using art materials?
Discover and rediscover the joy of creative flow.
Saturday 14th August
10am to 1pm in Glebe

a couple of places available
in this wonderful women's ongoing writing and other creativity group.
You need to have experience and familiarity with your own creative process
and strong capacity to both give and receive positive feedback.
Wednesday mornings 18th August to 22nd September
10am to 12.30pm in Glebe
$335 or earlybird $315 (full payment by 21st July)

Art and Soul of Writing
at NSW Writers' Centre
Friday mornings 20th August to 17th September
a terrific way to begin exploring writing
or to revitalise and nourish your creative soul

Sally Swain
9552.6164 bus hrs weekdays

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Faster than a speeding bullet!

My mother-in-law kindly made this Superman suit for a superhero party my son was invited to!  Really quite easy - and the same pattern was used for my partner when he was a little boy!

1) Cape and Gauntlets (wrist thingys) - made from red felt, which I assume was washed first, as it was a bit thicker than normal. Red ribbon sewn around the neck of the cape, covering over the edge (if that makes sense) then sewn into a long ribbon to tie around the neck. Gauntlets = two bits of felt sandwiching a bit of interfacing, sewn around the edge (about 5mm) in straight stitch. Secured with velcro.

2) Blue skivvy purchased. Superman logo = red felt stuck on yellow felt, stuck on the skivvy with interfacing, and hand sewn around the edges in straight stitch.

3) red trackie pants - cut off to trunks and hem sewn...

4) ...worn over blue trackie pants (already had) and blue gum boots (red would have been better, but we had blue). He could have worn red socks had the party been inside.

So was this cheaper than buying a ready-made superman costume - around $35-$45? Probably just. But this is way cuter! And I think I can easily modify this to a Supergirl costume for my daughter in a few years, just by converting the trunks to a skirt! (Even though as a character, supergirl tanked, so I am told...)