Saturday, January 14, 2006

creative set just off the jet

Ok, I shall be the first to upload my thoughts to this blog - jetlag and all!

Here is a picture of a album cover I created for my gorgeous niece. I basically bought a standard album from el cheapo shoppe and bought some shaggyish redish fletish type fabric and then added a design on top. I was trying to go for a gothic type theme - well actually, that's not what my original idea was, it sought of just shaped itself. The C is for Cara, my niece's name, and it is made from layers of cardboard fromc ereal packets (Cheerios to be exact!) which I spray painted gold. Same for the border.

I also decorated the space around the C with swirly/floral motifs and what-nots. I had originally hoped to do these decorations in relief - that is cut the shapes from a piece of carboard and then add this as another layer t create depth and texture. However, after seeing how intricate the decoration was I decided that, in the absence of a precision computer guided laser cutter that it would be nigh on excruciating to do the decorations in relief. So instead, I photocopied the patter onto an overhead transperency and coloured the shapes in black and then layered the transperency over a purple coloured carboard. So there was still some sense of depth.

I added some additional detailing at the corners of the cover - which are basically floral motifs cut out of lace and spray painted gold.

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J said...

I loved the book you made me which used similar techniques. Great way to get good depth.