Monday, February 06, 2006

get ready to knit...

"the hand knitted Elvis wig pattern is here and FREE.
Brainchild of artist and Shed head Simon Thackray, the
knitted Elvis wig was specially designed by Sirdar to
coincide with the world's first North Yorkshire Elvis
Bus Tour."
see the site.

if you don't know how to knit & want to learn see UK Knitting
where you can also find accounts of the health benefits of knitting (& other handi-crafts)

&/or find your local 'stitch'n'bitch' group

There will also be a swap!knit!darn! workshop as a
part of ChangeX'06 in March which will be at Pine st.
gallery this year- this session is a bit of fun for
people with and without handi-craft skill; for more
info reply to me, or keep checking here
- there should be something up soon.

[Text C/O nita]

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