Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sewing Jag

Not sure if this counts as crafty but....
I made this skirt for my neighbour to wear to a wedding. It's dupion silk that I found for $10 a metre at the new Spotlight near us. It even has a train! She couldn't find anything that she liked in the shops that suited her personality, so we ended up going for a Victoriana type of style with the outfit.

Underneath the skirt is a petticoat made of poplin with two tiers of recycled tulle from an old tutu to hold the back out.

She bought the blouse from Sp*rtsgirl, which surprised since I thought Sp*rtsgirl was daggy, but apparently is now considered quite groovy by the kids.

I liked the skirt so much I made another one for myself out of embroidered satin. Who knows where the hell I'll wear it, but I'll find something! I'm even hand stitching the hem. My mother would be so proud! The colour is nicer than it looks in the photo and it looks kind of Spanish.

My next plan is to sew my own bras. They're a total rip off and I'd rather pay the money for the book about how to make them myself and have nursing bras made out of hot pink sequined lace with marabou trim than fork out 100s of dollars for beige nanna brassieres. If one is going to have cracked nipples, then they should at least be wrapped up in something glamorous to take the sting out of it.


J said...

Aw gorgeous!!! Princess skirts. Love the train, love the silk. Yours would look great with some kind of corest top in pale pale green? With long multi strands of pearls. Maybe I should get you to make me something more glam than flannies - you know, in case I ever get out of quirkly alone...

meririsa said...

Beaut skirt and fabric!
By the way, back to your previous post on nappies - did you get anyone to try out your pre-folds and how did they find them? I am ordering some hemp trial packs from Baby BeeHinds. Am going to buy a metre or so of microfleece to cut up and use for washable nappy liners also.

mermaidgrrrl said...

Pre-folds work great, but you definitely need a waterproof set of pilchers for over the top or you end up with soggy knees. Not so glamorous! Have you seen the flushable liners for poopy nappies? They would be great for newbown because they poop so much.

And J - I'm wearing my flannies too and I'm a Quirkytogether!