Friday, August 18, 2006

eating roasted corn

lo lo.
here are some I made earlier. T-shirts that is. Before I almost passed out from overexposure to statistics.

here's how to make 3 pound shirts not look 3 pounds:
1. take shirts home to australia to use mum's sewing machine.
2. use said sewing machine to take in the shirts along the sides and sleeves for that snug fitting look. (Tip 1: don't use pen to mark up seams as this will run and stain when the weather gets warm)
3. doodle some design when you are in transit from sydney to london. I also copied some gift wrap for another design.
4. when arrived in london and over getlag get a fabric marker and draw straight onto the t-shirt, you can use a ruler if you like or just draw free-hand.
5. once ink is dry, wear and look fabulous and thank everyone for the compliments.


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J said...

These are luverly love. You know it's summer here if you wanted to make me a tee... ;)