Monday, July 09, 2007

Green Space Mural

Last Friday a colleague and I ran a workshop with school children as part of a Green Fair. It was meant to educate the children from several different schools about sustainable buildings, quite a challenge when you only have 20mins per group. We got an artist to help us create a mural. Each student created their own artwork depicting something they could do to make their school or home better for the environment. Some even painted directly onto the canvas, others we took their individual work and pasted it onto the mural and then filled in the gaps in between. We cut out around the pictures to get rid of white space.

As a collaborative art project reinforcing existing knowledge it worked alright. It didn't teach them anything new though unfortunately. And it was impossible to make any links to the role of planning.

But it was nice to get my fingers dirty and do something other than stare at the computer screen.

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J said...

That's lovely! I think sometimes these types of projects have ripples you didn't expect, you can learn freshness and be reminded of the different ways people see their worlds.. and getting fingers dirty is a great outcome in its own right! yah to you for bringing funk and adventure and kids to the planing process :)