Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rapt with love

Well my wraps with love project hasn't progressed all that far yet. So far I've done 6 squares (takes 28 to make a blanket) but I think my mum has been doing some too and will send them to me to add. Also at a conference last week a woman I know through work was talking about teaming up to do some at our 2 workplaces - an idea I like. So it might end up being more than one blanket!

The pattern is on their website (see previous post) and involves 10 inch by 10 inch squares knitted on 4mm needles, using 8ply wool/yarn. Mine are a bit shonky because I only have 4.5mm needles, so I cast on less stitches and hoped for the best. I figure as long as I finish teh whole blanket it wont matter that my squares are a wee bit stretchier than other folk's. Right?

Going for a green and pink colour theme, which I thought would be nurturing and cheery for someone cold and away from home.


Betty Sue said...

Do you want some help? I have some green and pink wool that could do with using up and I can knit you up a square or two so long as I know how big it needs to be

J said...

I would love that! They say 10 inch sqaures - which are around 50 stitches, in 8 ply, on 4mm needles depending on your tension. We have been interpreting the dimensions fairly losely and figure the sewing it together phase will sort all that out. Thanks so much. Anyone else out there interested, just let me know!