Saturday, March 07, 2009


Just for completeness I thought I'd post pictures of the quilt that mum made out of the fabric squares I painted some while back. Nicely paded and snuggly looking I thought, and the touch of colour she added to make the pics match the backing fabric and sheets also cool. Clever quilt making mum!


alison said...

I honestly squealed when I saw your pictures - I love it! Such a good idea.

I like the cat the best.

J said...

Thanks! It looks better in the flesh now the wrinkles have fallen out a bit. I am excited about the option of getting images onto fabric and having them made into something useful. Mum is a mad keen quilter but has a bazillion projects of her own, and I'm too lazy to quilt, so if anyone want to buddy up on some quilting-of-hand-painted/printed fabric collaborative projects let me know... !