Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How do you wash your woollens?

Just wondering, how do others wash their woollens?

I handwash using a little shampoo and tepid water, rinse a couple of times, let it drip in the laundry for a little while to get most of the water out, then air horizontally on my clothes airer.

I have a woollens setting on my front loader washing machine, but have been too scared to try it... does anyone else use their washing machine to wash woollens, and have there been any accidental feltings?


Anonymous said...

I hand wash my hand knits in woolmix and warm water, and then use the spin cycle on the washing machine to get the water out of them before drying them flat on a towel on the lawn. I'm scared of felting too, though most of my bought woolens seem to have survived the wool cycle on my front-loader.

A friend of mine washes a hand-knitted test swatch in the machine to judge whether there's any danger of felting.

meririsa said...

Thanks, Ali! They are great tips! I washed a test square yesterday to see what happened with a cotton cardigan I was knitting my daughter. I tried putting it in a delicates bag. I think it will be OK, but I might need to ensure the spin cycle is gentler.
I might try the washing machine for some of my bought woollens... wish me luck! I had a few accidental woolens in the wash wiht my old top loader, and the result was some shrinky-dink jumpers!!!!!