Monday, January 10, 2011

Dusting off the sewing machine...

I haven't sewn in eons, yet necessity has forced me to get the old Bernina out and sew up a fitted sheet attached to top sheet thingy for when my son as a rest/nap at his new child care centre, along with a draw-string bag to match. This sort of thing was all included at the old centre, but here you either are given a pattern and sew your own, or fork out $45 for someone to make one for you. There don't appear to be any 2nd-hand ones on offer, and I really didn't want some fabric I had at home to go to waste, so decided I'd have a go at sewing one

Of course, I ended up stuffing up things at the cutting out stage, and freaked out a little, because I thought I'd have to go and buy some fabric after all. However, my dearest better half reminded me that we had lots of old sheets (some of which belonged to a previous bed), and I realised that this was not only an economic solution, but brilliant, as it would save me having to sew 2 hems if I cut the size of sheet I needed from one corner!

So the end product? Not worth taking a photo of, with slightly ugly colour combinations and his name written neatly on the bag in fabric texter, but it's functional and should do the trick. I made a small draw-string bag as a warm up to sewing the sheet set to make sure I could still sew in a straight line (and I could!), and think I might do a few more. One can never have enough when you have kids - for all those little sets of blocks and things that don't have boxes. And I just might make some little elastic waist skirts for my daughter next, now that she is walking well (crawling with a skirt is hardly practical!). Or maybe something a little more adventurous.... I have some baby girl sundress patterns somewhere...

It feels good to be making something, AND using fabric that would otherwise be just sitting in the cupboard.


J said...

I LOVE draw string bags. Ali made a few (draw string, lined with different fabric so actually reversible) a couple of years back and I have to say I use them all the time. I have used them for:
- storing stockings in inside my draw so they don't get tangled with other underwear
- putting novels or drawing pads in inside my handbag so they don't get raggedy
- putting large cosmetics in when I travel
- putting scissors, glue, tape etc in when I go to do craft somewhere else

What can I say - super handy. I would love you to make me some more if you are on a roll, I can even give you some funky vintage fabric to do it in.

FitzK also made me a little zip up bag a few years back - made from beautiful thick old kimono fabric and lined, it is smaller than a pencil case but bigger than a purse I use it for storing everyday type makeup in, inside my handbag - fits a few lippies, contact lenses and mascara beautifully. I thouroughly recommend that everyone have such a bag :)

Happy sewing!

meririsa said...

I think I will be using the sewing machine again soon, so happy to sew some more draw strings - I don't think mine will be lined, though.
I could definitely do with some bags to put within my handbag.
I'll do a post on my mending and skirt sewing exploits soon too!